"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment"

Oprah Winfrey

Why Now?

At Step Up Club, we know that when employees are supported there is a direct, positive and lasting link to individual performance and fulfilment, as well as organisational success.

A recent Step Up Club survey found that 73% of today's rising female talent are less positive about their careers and future, 65% feel frustrated and unsupported and 80% are struggling with motivation and optimism.

Layer on top of that workplace inequalities, an increase in underrepresentation and the great female resignation and it is obvious that today's working women are uniquely and unfairly challenged. But where tensions lie, new opportunities exist.

The Evolve program brings together 4 of the country's most experienced professional trainers to lead a change-making program to counter inherent obstacles and support culture-led female leaders for success.

Who Is Evolve For...

Career Climbers

Experienced professionals who are ready to take their next step into higher profile leadership and management roles.

Forward Thinking Employers

Companies that recognise the importance and benefits of developmental coaching in the workplace and want to inspire  positive, long-term change, both at an individual and organisational level.

Hybrid Workers

Women navigating the

complex pressures of

hybrid work for improved fulfillment, engagement, and output.

Investing In Women Benefits All

Empowers women against bias

Creates transformational leaders

Builds progressive thinkers

Incubates and supports rising talent

Counters pandemic-related obstacles

Future-proofs for individual and organisational gain

Evolve welcomes interest from team leaders and Learning and Development experts who are looking to support and up skill female talent in an independent setting.

"The Evolve program helped me realise and action what I can achieve, and gave me the skills to create endless opportunities for myself and my organisation."

Jessica Harvey, Chief Control Officer


Our CPD accredited, outcome-focused program is informed by the most up-to-date studies on women in the workplace to counter pandemic related inequalities and build future-equipped female leaders.

Evolve creates: 

  • Culture-first leaders
  • Negotiators with nuance and verve
  • Resilient, independent thinkers
  • Deep self assurance
  • Leaders with vision

Evolve counters:


  • The Great Resignation
  • Diminishing gender inequity
  • Disenfranchised female employees
  • Deep seated overwhelm
  • Lost leadership potential

The Evolve program easily fits into your week. 

3 Hour live Zoom classrooms Wednesdays 08:30-11:30 GMT

28th Sept • 19th Oct • 9th Nov • 30th Nov

Each session is accompanied by a brilliant standalone workbook for immediate and ongoing use

The group is capped at 20 participants for maximum for interaction and individual attention

Alice Olins

Careers Development Expert

Alice is a highly experienced careers development trainer. She has a specialty in guiding women through professional pivot points. She prides herself on creating a safe space in which to grow. She is the author of the best-selling personal development book, Step Up, is a journalist, and has led workshops for well over 1000 women in total.

Carolann Edwards OBE

Founder Workplace Psychology

Carolann is a commercially driven L&D professional with expertise in developing culture, people, systems and processes through training, coaching and mentoring. She is an award winner of the Professional Services Leader of the Year, Black British Business Awards and HR Executive of the Year, Stevie International Business Awards.

Natalie Reynolds

Global Negotiation Strategist

Natalie is a specialist in using psychology to unlock positive results to ensure optimum negotiation capability. She has worked with global corporations as well as Governments, NGO’s and the United Nations.

She is author of a bestselling book ‘We Have a Deal’, is Honorary Visiting Professor of Negotiation at Bayes Business School and speaks around the world on innovation in negotiation practice.

Laura Simpson

Executive Coach and Founder of Altura Coaching

Laura is an EMCC-accredited executive coach, who supports her clients in mastering their mindset to elevate performance, workplace relationships, career fulfilment, and wellbeing. She is an inclusive leadership development facilitator and trustee for mental health charity Mind. Laura has a 12-year HR career in Spain and the UK spanning FMGC, finance, and law.

We have spoken to hundreds of women about new and existing work-related barriers and their specific professional development needs. This primary knowledge is the basis of our this unique, insight-led program.

Join Evolve and you will


Delivered in an independent setting and during a convenient an early morning Zoom slot (8.30-11.30am on 4 x Wednesday's in the autumn - dates below) the Evolve program fits neatly into a busy working weeks.

Investing In Women Benefits All

Highest-level experts

Supportive Setting

Interactive learning & networking

Fully funded


Virtual convenience

The Evolve program gives you the power, knowledge and confidence to drive change and create lasting change for yourself and your organisation.


The Evolve program easily fits into your week. 

3 Hour live Zoom classrooms Wednesdays 08:30-11:30 GMT

28th Sept • 19th Oct • 9th Nov • 30th Nov

Each session is accompanied by a brilliant standalone workbook for immediate and ongoing use

The group is capped at 20 participants for maximum for interaction and individual attention

Words From Some Of Our Step Up Alumni

We have been running highly successful group programs for many years.

Here are some kind words from women who thanks to Step Up Club have reached their goals, re-found their confidence and are happier than they’ve ever been. 

Recent Evolve Graduates have...

Grown to lead bigger teams

Secured next level promotions 

Directly impatced revenue/client base growth  

Set up new internal D&I schemes  

Been invited to join boards 

You now have the chance to Evolve.

Includes 2 months free membership to the Step Up Club Community

*Is a payment plan available?

A simple three instalment payment plans means you can join for just £700. Next payments on 30 and 60 days thereafter. Discounts cannot be applied to payment plans

How do I access the employer funding?

The Step Up Club will advocate on your behalf and has documentation to support your application. CPD accreditation will be shared at this point too.

What happens if I, or a team member can't attend a live session?

All sessions are recorded and available to rewatch for 6 months after the program’s end, so attendees will not miss any content even if their schedules change

Is the program available to men in our teams?

Evolve is specifically designed to support female talent, but we are able to create an amended and more bespoke program to deliver B2B if you are keen to extend its reach within your organisation.

We want to send more than one employee on the program, is this ok is there a reduced price option for multiple places?

We ask that there are no more than 5 attendees from any one organisation, to prevent imbalance in the group. We do offer discounts if more than one place is taken, please get in touch about this and we can discuss your needs.

How will the business need to support Evolve attendees?

There is no expectation from your end, although obviously we ask that delegates are able to attend the 4 sessions, and not be expected to reply to emails etc duration any of these 3 hour slots.if their schedules change

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.

— Charles Darwin

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.

— Charles Darwin

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